The Siberian Cat


When searching on the internet for a Siberian kitten, some of the terminology on websites can be quite confusing.
You might see phrases and words used such as Neva Masquerade, Colourpointed, Tabby, Solids, etc. These are names for different patterns of the cats coat. All pedigree Siberian cats are from similar ancestors who's origins were Russian.    They are a fascinating bred with an inquisitive nature, they interact well with other pets and family members. they are semi-long haired, easy to maintain coat, quite heavy bodied at maturity and the overall look is very rounded. Loving, affectionate, highly intelligent and captivating, they need company, therefore we do not let our kittens go to
a home where they will be home alone. They are indoor cats.
Siberians can be born in many colours and patterns.  
 White solid Siberian 
 Black with white solid Siberian 
 Silver Tortie Tabby Siberian