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We live in a picturesque village, in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, and are easily accessible from the M1, junction 26 or 28. I have owned pedigree cats for many years. My prefix Silkiestar, has a special meaning for us. A Silkie is a magical enchanted creature, my cats are definately enchanting. The 'star' part of the name is very apt - many of my cats are show winners - definately 'little stars'.

In 1996 I bought our first Ragdoll into our home. It was a hobby that was to make a great impact on us. We were warned the breed was addictive, and yes, it's true. I could not imagine life without cats, I love to have little kittens toddling around. Now here we are in 2021 and I am proud to have bred beautifull kitten over the years, well socialised, happy, contented, and raised in a loving family environment.
2002 bought a new experience - The Siberian Cat. I chose this breed for their character, size, health and availability of different colours and patterns. At that time I had no idea about their suitability for people who have an allergic reaction to other breeds of cats.
I specialize in  placing kittens into allergy homes. You are welcome to telephone for more information.We are elated to say that over the years many families have adopted a Silkiestar allergy suitable kitten. 
I cannot explain in words the joy I have when I, and a kitten I have bred, sit with a family who desperately want a kitten, but usually cannot have one because a family member has a 'cat' allergy. It is a happy time when they start to realise that the person with the allergy has cuddled a kitten for a while, without any signs of a reaction, and taking a kitten home becomes a possibility.
I had no intention in having any other breed of pedigree cat, but in 2009 our first RagaMuffin arrived from Florida. Recognised in many other countries, it is a still a rare breed in the UK. I was totally unprepared for the sweet nature of the breed. They are not suitable for people with allergies. They have the same sweet nature of the Ragdoll, in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.
Each of my pedigree breeds are bred strictly to their individual breeding policies. I follow the breeding code and ethics of TICA and GCCF. Please remember I breed kittens for the pleasure of having little ones running around and watching them grow, on occassions I do have kittens suitable for loving indoor homes, but as my cat breeding is a hobby, there may be a waiting list for available kittens.